Primo TC Flask 75cm2
COD. ET7076

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Primo® TC Flask 75cm2 screw cap w/filter

5 pcs x 20

PRIMO cell culture flasks are treated for the best cells adhesion (plasma treatment) and the superior quality of the manufacturing material guarantees a complete transparency during the microscope observation.

PRIMO cell culture flasks are made of 100% USP VI crystal class virgin polystyrene

A screw cap fitted with a 0,2 um hydrophobic filtering membrane guarantees an ideal gaseous Exchange with the external atmosphere, reducing the risk of culture contamination.

The ergonomic shape, whit a wide and short angled neck, allows an easy access to serological pipettes and scrapers.
PRIMO cell culture flasks are sterilized via gamma radiation and certificate pyrogen free.

Inner packed in robust plastic bags with a resealable zip closure.

Traceability is guarantee by lot number on each single inner pack.

A Lot specific certificate of analysis could be available on request

Inner surface: 75 cmq
Nominal volume: 250 ml
Suggested working volume: 25 ml

Store at ambient temperature in a dry place away from direct light and heating source.

Sterility is guarantee for 3 years from date of production.

For research use only.


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