Pet pre-sterilized 10ml

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Primo® Pet pre-sterilized 10ml individually packed plastic-paper wrap

50 pcs x 4


Sterile polystyrene pipettes, graduated for dispensing biological material. They are individually wrapped in paper/plastic envelope.


The pipettes are equipped with negative graduation (-3mL), which allows a further increase of the working volume.

The Primo Pet pipettes Euroclone are sterilized by gamma radiation, not pyrogenic, non-cytotoxic and non-hemolytic. A certificate of not pyrogen is available on request for each batch.

These pipettes can be safely used for cell culture and tissue culture, bacteriological and clinical research.

The Primo Pet 10 mL pipettes are made up a single part: pipette, tip and the mouthpiece.

The scale is calibrated for accurate dispensing +/- 2%

Graduation: 1/10

The graduation on the pipette provides bidirectional applicability.

All pipettes Primo Pet are equipped with a filter of cotton.

Sterility is guaranteed for 5 years from production in unopened containers.

Store at room temperature in a dry place.

The product is intended for laboratory / research.


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