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Primo® mate pipette controller

1 each

Primo® mate is designed for the reproducible pipetting and dispensing of liquids.

Light: lightweight and ergonomically shaped handle

Control: smooth pushbuttons effectively control the input and output of liquids in pipettes

Precise: Easily accessible switches allow to choose different operation mode depending on the volume of pipette and viscosity of liquid.
For liquid aspiration the user can choose HIGH or LOW work speed and additionally adjust the suction by the pressure applied to the trigger button.
Dispensing can be carried out by gravity (GRAV) or supported by pump (BLOW) which empties the pipette with blow out.

Versatile: suitable for all types of pipettes (glass or plastic pipettes) 0,5-100 ml

Safe and secure: PTFE filter protects from liquid contamination and damage;
filter and pipette holder can be easily removed and autoclaved.

Battery indicator: red led shows when the battery needs to be charged

Warranty: 1-year

Technical specifications

Dimensions (L x H x W) Primo® mate: 160x145x42mm

Weight Primo® mate: 180 g (incl. battery)

Battery Rechargeable battery 1300mAh; 2xAA, 2,4V NiMH

Charger Input: 100-240V, 50/60Hz, 0,3mA
Output:9V, 230mA

Operating Condition Operation: 5 - 40 °C
Storage: -10 - 50 °C

Filter Pore size: 0.2 µm

Ordering information

Code Description
ECP2000 Primo® mate - Cordless pipettor
Charger 9 V
Sterile filter
Wall hanger

Primo® mate has CE mark

Production place : Polland


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