Mechanical pipette, 1-ch, 0.5 - 10µl
COD. ECP10010

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Primo® Mechanical pipette, 1-ch, 0.5 - 10ul

1 each

Primo® Mechanical pipette, is a volumetric instrument designed to measure and transfer liquids precisely and safely. It can measure and transfer volumes from 0. μl to 1000μl depending on the model.
Primo® Mechanical pipette is equipped with a digital counter which shows the pipetting volume.
The volume is adjusted by turning a knurled adjustment ring and is continuously adjustable within the volume range for the pipette.
The maximum volume of the pipette is shown on the side surface of the handle.
Pipette precision range is +/- 2,8% a +/- 0,4% Accurancy is +/- 4% a +/- 0.5%
Primo® Mechanical pipette is equipped with a built-in tip ejector, the construction of the ejector enables the user to set up the length. The adjustable tip ejector accommodates every variety of tips available on the market.
Primo® Mechanical pipette, is light and comfortable to use, it has colour coded ring for easy selection of the voulme, it is durable and chemically resistant..

Pipettes are delivered in kits including:
-short instruction manual
-calibration key


* UV resistant body
* Durable & chemically resistant
* Autoclavable
* Reducing operation forces
* Easy calibration
* 3 Years warranty

Working temperature 15°C- 40°C

CE marked and IVD marked following the directive 98/79/CE for in vitro diagnostic


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